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which phone is good for you

If you are looking for a phone then you are at a good place…no no no I don’t sell bro but I can give you some pro tips to consider while buying a new smartphone and if you don’t want to buy it then also you can get some knowledge from here and help your friends to buy a smartphone.

If you go to buy a phone at a story then the salesmen will ask you which type of phone you want and which one…if you know that then good but if you don’t then read this article to find about different types of phones.
Before buying there are 2 important things to consider:-
1.what is your budget
2.why you want a new phone.
Yes, first of all, you have to fix a budget for your phone and then you have to decide why you want a new phone, do you want it for gaming, chatting, or for photography…once this is clear then you know what you want in your phone.
Following are the things to conceder while buying a phone:-

1. Processor:-Think it as a brain of the phone. Everything your phone does is controlled by its processor. There are many companies who create processors but there are some which may be familiar to you
a. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon
b. MediaTek
c. Samsung’s Exynos
If we are talking about processors then how can we forget about its core. A core is one of the most important parts of a processor. Core helps to do work faster.
Dual core – 2 core
Quad core – 4 core
Octa core – 8 core

2. Battery:- Every phone has a battery life which is shown through MAH(unit) it stands for milliampere-hour. The amount of battery consumption depends on the work you are doing with your phone. In my opinion, never go for a phone with a lower mah than 3000.

3.screen size: Normally screen size is determined on the basses of the diagonal length of the phone
Bazzel Phone
Bazzel Phone

Bazzel Less phone

Bazzel Less phone

4. Ram- random access memory: RAM help the apps to run in the background without any interruption in the current app. In this generations of phone, every one must need altast 2 or 3 GB Ram but you can always go to more if you need your phone for gaming and other heavy apps. But in my opinion, 3 GB just works fine. But never think if you have high Ram then you will be able to do multi-tasking because for multitasking you also need a good processor.

5. Camera-  If you are buying a smartphone for its camera then forgot about other things and first of all focus on its camera. Quality of a snap taken by phone doesn’t always depend on MP (megapixel) of a camera, it also depends on its sensor. so first check the review and see some images clicked by the camera of that phone. Google the images clicked by that particular phone. In my suggestion if you are buying a phone for its camera then don’t buy a phone instead of it you can buy a DSLR camera itself.

6. Type of sim Slot: there 2 types of sim slot 
dedicated sim slot: a type of sim slot in which you can use 2 sims and 1 sd card.

dedicated sim slot

hybrid sim slot: a type of sim slot in which you can use only 1 sim and 1 sd card or 2 sims.
hybrid sim slot
7. 3.5 mm earphone jack:- Nowadays you should always check for the 3.5mm jack because as the world of tech is changing people trend is also changing. There are some companies who are not giving 3.5mm jack which means you have to buy a Bluetooth earphone. So beware this can be expensive.

8. Other things
a.Fast charging
b.Gorilla glass
c.Water resistant
d.Android version
e.Fingerprint scanner

Before buying any companies Phone check for its nearest service centre.

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